About Us

Ofwzone.com was the first website conceptualized by Eng. Milo Torres on year 2000 to be the portal website of Oversees Filipino Workers. He started it with few announcements about the free training courses offered by Filipino clubs at the POLO-OWWA in Dubai then he added some news about Filipinos gathered from the local newspapers in UAE, then a few months later he added news from the Philippines through RSS feeds.

The website became the online registration site of the many free training courses offered by Filipino Computer Club and photography clubs operating under the auspices of the Philippine Consulate General and POLO-OWWA in Dubai and since then ofwzone.com became popular to many Filipinos in United Arab Emirates.

Eng. Torres also started sending weekly newsletter using ofwzone.com domain to those who have registered online to the free training courses and later on via subscription form that reached around 15,000+ subscribers from Filipinos in United Arab Emirates.

The website was up and running until 2009. Personally funded by Eng. Torres, he was not able to continue to maintain the website due to the recession that hits the world in 2009 as he lost all of his regular main clients. It was a tough decision but he has to focus more in finding clients to survive an expensive living in Dubai as he is working as a sole practitioner.  Sending free mass mail to 15,000+ subscribers has also been restricted due to some abuses by spammers, so Eng. Torres also stopped publishing the newsletter.

Many things happened on the way people browse the internet since 2009, social media became so popular, bloggers have flourished, and videos became a normal media in sharing information. Forum websites became outdated, many of them closed down while Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Yahoo, Google, Instagram and other social media platform captured the netizens. Advertisers pour their budgets to these social media sites and keeping a portal website became much more difficult to maintain because it hardly generate income through sponsorship.

Year 2017, the freelancing businesses became challenging as more people wanted to earn more; even those who have permanent jobs are doing part time jobs. Competitions are very tough and everyone is doing their own tricks and tactics to gain customers. Eng. Torres tried to preserve his freelancing business by being active in Facebook through constant postings in his timeline but that does not seem to work. He tried other social media as well like linked-in and Instagram, and then he thought of reviving ofwzone.com again to give him added exposure while at the same time to advertise his own business without costing him much.